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The Team

Our team is diverse, to say the least…

  • Christophe Petit is Piggyback’s lead programmer. He works as a Platform Software Architect at Michelin’s headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France where he spent the 6 last years Building or deploying J2EE Applications. In his spare time, he enjoys programming Java applications that are innovative and do more than just compare the worldwide prices of tires…
  • Sébastien Petit, an English teacher in a French high-school in Paris, is in charge of translations, testing, as well as drawing icons.
  • Raphaël Arzberger takes care of the marketing strategy. He is specialized in online advertising and works as a marketing executive for Le Ski du Nord au Sud. He designed our current website. He also loves to dwell on one of his favorite subject, search engine optimization, on his personal blog Rank my day.
  • Jean-Michel Thériault is an icon designer and website developer who lives in Quebec. He is in charge of designing our new icon set. You can see some of his work here.