The Project | Piggyback

The Project

Piggyback is a dynamic ridesharing application that runs on recent phones. Piggyback’s objective is to share car-related expenses between users, while reducing everybody’s carbon footprint in the process.

Our goal is to rationalize the way we use our cars today. We may be heading toward a petrol-free civilization, but for now, we’re stuck with oil. According to different studies, the occupancy rate for car varies on average between 1.1 to 1.2 passenger per car. There is huge room for improvement.

In Piggyback, there are only two possible scenarios:

1. You’re a driver with available seats, willing to pick up people to reduce your costs

When you start Piggyback, entering your destination will make your car available for searching by users who are looking for a car.

If people are interested in your destination, they can send you a ride request that you are free to accept or reject (according to user ratings, detour length, you mood etc.)

Picking up passengers will induce rerouting for you most of the time, this is why Piggyback will take such factors into account to compensate you on the detour part of your trip (pick up and drop off locations).

If you successfully pick up passengers, costs (calculated with our home-made algorithm) will be shared evenly between everyone inside the car on the common portion of the car trip.

After a successful trip, you may rate the passengers you picked up, or even add them as favorites.

Finally, Piggyback can map your driving patterns to help you find passengers more easily and more regularly (on your daily commute, for instance).

2. You want to be a passenger to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

You may want to do this because you don’t personally own a car, you think gas has become too expensive, you’re going to the same places regularly but public transportation is just not good enough, or even because [insert your best reason for ride sharing here].

In any case, Piggyback offers you two choices: either you want to find a car right away, or you want to book seats in a car for a future car trip.

In both cases you must enter your destination and see if drivers are interested. Piggyback will always try to offer you a list of the best ten matches to your destination (on a date of your choice if that applies).

You can then select your favored driver with your phone, which will send him a pickup request. The driver is then free to accept or dismiss your request, as stated above.

Billing is only one-way: passengers transfer money to drivers.

You are free to cancel your pick up requests but if you wait until the last moment, penalties may apply (if the driver is already on his way, notably). These penalties may be financial or you may get lowered rating.

Ratings are important for everyone, since the concept of Piggyback needs reliable users to be efficient.


We would like to be distributed on every single Android device released this year. This would provide us with a large user base from the start and enable users to find a car more quickly when they need it most.